1. Click on the button above to get to the overview page of the Visual Editor.

2. First thing you should do there is to create a folder for yourself and give it your name as shown in the video below. Always place your projects inside this folder. 

3. Next, open the folder you created and click on “New Blank Module” to start a new project and get to the Editor View as shown in the video below. 

4. Alternatively, click on  “New Module from Template” to get some inspiration first or start a project that builds up on a template. 

5. Congratulation, you are now inside the Visual Editor working on your first project! This is what the Editor Canvas looks like (see below). We added some Comment Bubbles for a quick overview on how to navigate and work inside the Editor. If you want more input, check out this VIDEO SERIES for a full tutorial.

6. When you’re finished working on your project, you will probably want to share it with the world, right? Copy the Shortcode and paste it into the postform on our website in order to publish your project to our frontpage (as shown below). Your project is now public for everyone to see and bow down in awe! Feel free to share the link (find social sharing underneath the post).