Learn Vocabulary
fast and visually
with this App
3 Bullets explain the features of the App So... wanna sign up? So... wanna sign up? Choose Languages.
Then register with Mail + Password
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Success! Let's get started Search a vocabulary you want to learn Scanning a word by camera works, too! look it up! an image to give you a visual hint Save it! Guessed it right? an image to give you a visual hint Whoooah,
That's nice!
So every now and then a random word pops up to challenge you! Bar what? Aaah, the visual
helps, I know this
I knew it, no
need to save
it... Next!
Aaah, that's a
"Spalte" Right?
Let's save this one for later Hee-
Do you like this App-Idea? Leave a comment! Hee-nough for today!

Low-Fidelity Prototype: Donkey Bridge

Low-Fidelity prototype for a vocabulary learning-app for visual learners. Donkey bridge gives you hints to the meaning of the word in form of visuals. If you'Re a visual learner like me, this will help you to remember the words better and learn more efficiently. Leave a comment if you like the idea, might turn this into a real product in the future.
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